The EJC stands for the Frist Year Committee of Genius Loci. Their goal is to make the first years a solid group where everyone knows each other. The First Year Committee is a committee with people from the second year of their study that organizes a “connecting” weekend for the first year students. This weekend provokes that everyone knows each other, the best stories emerge and the craziest things happen. After this weekend, a new EJC will form from the participants on the weekend. The rest of the year, they will provide their classmates of nice activities like painting your boots and throwing pancakes. And of course, they will organise the next “connecting” weekend for the coming students.

Currect committee members:
Sabine Humblé – Chairman
Venne van den Boomen – Secretary
Wessel van Delft – Treasurer
Lotte Bongers
Kalle Kroon
Nils Rem
Tom van Schagen
Sander Schellens