Every thursday, 17:15, Gaia, DRINKS!

As one of the few study associations in Wageningen, Genius Loci organizes a drink every week. You can find the Bar Kings every thursday with cold beers and crisps in the Gaia building or in the Gaia garden if  the weather is nice. The weekly drink is a nice distraction after the hard work. The drink advances the integration between students and teachers and provide sometimes nice, or useful discussions. Often, the drinks have a theme, like the Ducks drink, Gnome drink or Sinterklaas drink. In short, the drink is not only important but also real fun!

Current Barkings:
Gerben Hartgerink – Barking
Maarten Arends – Barking
Bas Overdevest
Cecile Ikink
Andrea Nijensteen
Rafael Hes
Teun Brandhoff