The BuitelHucht is a committee that organizes activities which are study related. Activities are excursions, lectures, debates or movie nights. A recurring excursion is the Bureauexcursie. This  is an excursion of about half a day that introduces you to a firm or company in our field, like Grontmij or H+N+S. There are also bigger excursions where some bureaus or projects like Roombeek or EVA-Lanxmeer are visited by bus. Furthermore, there are bigger activities. Like the weekend on Terschelling where they helped to build the landscape art at the festival Oeral. Enough things to do!

Current committee members:
Gerben Hartgerink – Chairman
Kimo van de Berg – Secretary
Judith Hinfelaar – Treasurer
Julia Nöth
Simone Verdonschot
Jana Bruijn
Elise Gelderlos
Aileen Hallie
Rico Geuze
Noa Schouten