The Onderwijscommissie (education committee) is the part of Genius Loci where the student can give their compliments and critiques about the courses. After every study period, they evaluate the courses and make sure that the teachers get your opinion. Also, the education committee thinks about improving the education and courses. They organize lectures and debates. They take care of the yearly nomination of the ‘Vak van de Hucht’. This mention is for the best course of the study. The committee include students of every education year and each direction of the program. The president is the commissioner Education of the Genius Loci board. 

Current committee members:
Esra Smeets – Commissioner Education / Chairman
Teun Brandhoff
Toon Schepers
Femke Nijhof
Nick van der Klauw
Maud van Haaren
Ilse Westveer
Marieke Verbunt
Marije van Santen
Floris Beijer