The Opcie, roughly translatable as the educational participation committee, consist of four student members and four teacher members. Together they work on the content and context of the study. When there are any problems about the education or other study related things, you can contact the Opcie. They will take a look at it and try to improve it. Especially given the big changes in the curriculum of the last few years, it is important to evaluate the things that went wrong or the things that are better now. Besides, the PaCe evaluation at the end of a course is an important source of information for the Opcie. The students can give their opinion and thereby improve the quality of the education. Active participation is important, so the level of the study may continue to improve. You have to be selected to join the Opcie to make rate these important subjects.

Current students in this committee:
Amarens Lock
Teun Brandhoff
Brecht Leseman
Lisa Doornbos
Esra Smeets
Onne Kask