The board of Genius Loci provides the daily management of the study association. We maintain the quality of the education and facilities of the University. The board is responsible for the perfomance of the committees, we organise information days and we keep in contact with sponsors and external relations. Besides of that we also keep in contact with other study associations and their activities.
The board of Genius Loci is a part-time job, so next to the management of the association they are a full-time student. Every half year a part of the board changes, which means that each board member is in total for one year active as a board member. The secretary continues each half year as chairman and will be succeeded by a new secretary. The other functions are for one year.
The board consists of six students with one of the following positions: Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Commissioner Education, Commissioner Intern, Commissioner Extern.

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F.l.t.r.: Carlo van Opstal, Eva Nielsen, Bas Westerhof, Daan Laansma, Esra Smeets, Vincent Klaaskate

The 58th board of Genius Loci consists the following students:
Chairman:                                        Daan Laansma (2nd period)
Secretary:                                         Eva Nielsen (1st period)
Treasurer:                                        Carlo van Opstal (2nd period)
Commissioner Education:             Esra Smeets (1st period)
Commissioner Internal Affairs:    Vincent Klaaskate (1st period)
Commissioner External Affairs:   Bas Westerhof (2nd period)