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The aXie is a commision that organises multiple activities a year, for all the members of Genius Loci. These activities vary from party’s and drinks to fun quizes and athletic games. The commision currently has 14 members from different years. This year we have been able to recruit 6 new members who were all enthousiastic to become active members, but sadly due to the corona epidemic we have not been able to organise a lot of activities yet. The aXie holds weekly meetings in which we discuss and plan our activities and come up with new ideas.

This year we have been able to organise an amazing event, for which we rented a partybus and went to Nijmegen. This was one of the most popular activities that we have done yet and it was a big succes. We partied till our feet hurt and we couldn’t walk straight and then we partied some more on the way home. It is an understatement to say that we enjoyed ourselves. Ofcourse we had plans for many more amazing activities this year, like iceskating and Bunker parties, but then corona came along…

We are currently planning a fun at-home activity, which will allow all the members of Genius to join from their own bed, couch or toilet. Eventhough this is a bit different than usual, we plan on making it an amazing activity to help everyone to break away from their day-to-day routine and to build their social skills back up, before we all become cavemen. More updates will soon follow.

The aXie hopes that we can soon all be together partying again and that we can organise many more fun, crazy and succesful actvities in the future!