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Call for students with any type of impairment/disability

My name is Joris Geurts, and I work at WUR Library in the team Education Support. One of our team’s main tasks is to teach information literacy, which we do in almost all bachelor programs. As an addition to our regular teaching materials (e.g. lecture slides and exercises), we also have a set of online e-learning modules:


We recently started a project to improve the digital accessibility of our e-learning modules, by rebuilding them from the ground up using specialised software. The (ambitious) goal is to have the three most used modules up and running by the start of the new academic year, with the rest following later in the year. In order for this project to succeed, we need the help and input of students with any type of mobility, sensory or cognitive impairment (like AD(H)D, dyslexia, visual impairment, etc.).


In two or three sessions we hope to gather input from the students, so we can accommodate to a wide variety of needs. The first session will be a lunchtime Q&A (free lunch will be provided!), where we will be asking questions about their needs and preferences in teaching materials and other things they encounter during their studies. In the final one or two sessions we hope to collect feedback on our new e-learning modules. After these sessions, except for the lunchtime Q&A, each student will be given a VVV gift card of €10,- as a thank you.

If there are any interested students, or questions, please feel free to contact me directly at

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