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Genius Loci is the study association of both the Bachelor Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning (BLP) and the Master Landscape Architecture and Planning (MLP) at Wageningen University.

During the Bachelor phase you get a varied three year programme. Fluency in Dutch is required. The programme consists of knowledge courses about the landscape such as ecology and geology, study specific theory courses and planning or design studios on topical issues. Which studio you take depends whether you chose landscape architecture or planning as your major in your second year. The bachelor rounds up with a thesis.

After the bachelor you have direct admission to the master MLP, which is taught in English.  In these two years you get the opportunity to take specialised courses, atelier courses, an internship or major thesis and conduct research in a Masterthesis.

Find more information on the programma click the buttons below. You can also check the website for other information and activities that are organized by Wageningen University

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