The Digicie is, like the name says, the committee that take care of the website. Together with the Commissioner Intern, they keep the website up-to-date with events and photos. Since september 2014, the website is totally refreshed. Not only is it responsible for this site, but also for the management of the one and only Genius Loci-App! Also, the Digicie consist of the Genius photographers. This photographers try to be present at as many Geniusevents as they could. They make pictures from all exiting, nice, crazy of interesting things that happen. For the privacy of our members are the pictures of activities only available in our Genius App!

Current committee members:
Stijn Peeters – Chairman
Niek van der Steeg – Webmaster
Floris Terlou
Eline Ranshuysen
Bas Westerhof
Kimo van den Berg
Femke Nijhof
Vincent Klaaskate