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Would you like to determine the location of our next excursion? Gain insight in your future workfield?
Or improve your organisation skills? Join the BuitelHucht!

The BuitelHucht is a committee which organises study related activities. We organise excursions to different projects and landscape architecture or consultancy companies. For example, we went ‘Wadlopen’ and did a small drawing excursion to the water tower in Wageningen. We have watched some movies that are somewhat related to our workfield and we visited the office of Witteveen+Bos. If you would like to organize these kinds of excursions, join the committee because we need you! Generally, we have a meeting once a week and they are always fun. We divide the tasks and just chat a bit. The nice thing about the BuitelHucht specifically, is that you learn a lot about your surroundings. When we search for places (mostly in The Netherlands) to go on excursions, we bump into so many cool places to go to. Sadly we cannot visit them all, but we always take the ideas with us to the next year.

Fun fact: The name ‘Buitelhucht’ is a wordplay with the words ‘buitenlucht’ (‘open air’) and ‘Hucht’. Hucht was the building we used to have our lectures and because our activities are often outside, it was combined with the word buitenlucht.

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