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The First Year committee (a.k.a. the FYC a.k.a. the EJC a.k.a. “De Eerstejaarscomissie”) is the committee responsible for ensuring that the new First year students get the best start to their academic life as possible! They organise several activities, like painting boots, game nights, music quizzes and so much more, all with the goal to create good memories and lasting friendships amongst the first year students. They are also responsible for kicking off the year for the new first years with the amazing first years weekend! For an entire weekend they will take you on a 2-night stay near Wageningen, where they will give you a taste of all the ins and outs of student life in Wageningen.

Being part of this committee brings you and 7 other students together to form a committee, and as a team you’ll be organizing the aforementioned activities. This is what makes the committee the most fun, because you get have a great time with friends while ensuring that your other classmates have an amazing first year at Wageningen University.

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