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The Buitex organises an excursion to a foreign destination once every year, usually in the first week of the summer break. Buitex stands for ‘BUITenlandse EXcursie’ (foreign excursion), after all. In the past, there have been trips to many interesting destinations. They were both nearby and far away, such as Copenhagen or New York City.

Buitex trips vary in length. They can range from five to twelve days, depending on the destination. There are lots of different activities during the trips. They vary from adventurous undertakings to calm bicycle trips or interesting visits of notable places. Each trip is accompanied by an educational activity that is related to our study field. For example, when the Buitex stayed in the Netherlands, a visit to the Efteling was part of the program. The committee arranged a tour from the Efteling’s very own landscape architect while they were there.

Each year, the committee posts several mysterious hints on social media to what the next destination might be. These hints are then explained during the traditional ‘bekendmakingsborrel’. This social evening is sometimes accompanied by an entertaining video that the committee made to reveal the destination.

If you like travelling, then you must keep the first week of summer break free in your schedule for sure! The Buitex always proves to be a fantastic memory. If you like organising trips yourself, don’t hesitate to sign up for the committee! You will be occupied with brainstorming destinations, finding accommodations, planning activities, creating the ‘bekendmakingsvideo’ and leading the trip together with several other students who are motivated to make the best out of the Buitex each year!

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