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Hello everyone, we are the Persco!

The Persco, or the Press Committee, is the committee responsible for creating the Huchtgerucht. The Huchtgerucht is the magazine of our student association, Genius Loci. 1st year students and members of committees in Genius Loci automatically receive a copy of the Huchtgerucht. The Huchtgerucht is written 3-4 times a year, and includes a bunch of interesting articles written by the committee members. These articles include:

· The results of a questionnaire, where we ask all our fellow students about an interesting topic and
summarize the results;
· Member of the month, where we interview an interesting fellow student;
· The gossip forum, where we display all the juicy gossip collected over the past couple of months;
· And much more!

These articles are centred around a main theme such as Choice-stress, the future or conspiracy theories. The Huchtgerucht is meant to be a fun and easy to digest magazine, with some seriousness sprinkled in. Aside from writing and designing the Huchtgerucht, we meet a couple of times a year to eat together and have a good time.

The Persco is a laid-back committee where you can express yourself creatively through writing and design. If you would like to see what the Huchtgerucht is all about, you can check out a collection of previous editions in the Hok of Genius Loci. If you are interested in getting to know the committee or even becoming a member, please contact us at the following email address:

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