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Genius Loci is the study association of both the Bachelor Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning (BLP) and the Master Landscape Architecture and Planning (MLP) at Wageningen University.

Bachelor (BLP)

3 years

During the Bachelor phase you get a varied three year programme. Fluency in Dutch is required. The programme consists of knowledge courses about the landscape such as ecology, geology, soil, water, study specific theory courses and planning or design studios on topical issues. Which studio you take depends whether you chose landscape architecture or planning as your major in your second year. The bachelor rounds up with a thesis.

Master (MLP)

2 years

After the bachelor you have direct admission to the master MLP, which is taught in English.  In these two years you get the opportunity to take specialised courses, atelier courses, a major thesis and conduct research in a Masterthesis. 

"The Bachelor and Master programmes Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning focus on the human activities that shape and govern landscapes at various scales and how these landscapes are experiences and used by people. Central attention is paid to the process of intervention in landscapes to create new or revitalized places by means of planning and design, and on sound academic reflection on this process. In order to comprehend the complex relationships between people, nature, heritage and landscape, the study integrates concepts and approaches from both the creative arts and the natural and social sciences and incorporates the latest advances in technology."

Prof. dr. ir. Adri van den Brink

Want to experience the study for yourself? Join an Open day or a 'Meeloopdag' (Student of a day)!
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