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The aXie is the committee responsible for organising fun and social activities. We organise at least one activity every period, accessible for all Genius members. There are many different activities that are organised by us, but they are always fun!

For example, some of the activities that the aXie has organised include bowling trips to the bowling centre in Ede, relaxing painting afternoons, casino evenings and karaoke. We are also known for organising New Years drinks, the running competition Wim 3500/Gerrit 7000 and the iconic end of the year barbecue, where we kick off the summer in an appropriate manner. Besides our own activities, we have also collaborated with aXies from other study associations to organise for example a really cool ESG (Environmental Science Group) end of the year party!

The aXie activities are always popular and we really enjoy seeing you there! We are always excited about new activity ideas and busy with organising even more fun stuff for Genius members to enjoy. Currently, the aXie consists of 11 active members who have a meeting every week to plan our next activity.

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