The aXie (activities committee) is the craziest, most fun but also most chaotic committee of Genius Loci. For sure, the aXie provides entertainment. Twice per period they organize a fun, exiting or active activity for Genius members of all ages, male or female, first to 10th year (or older), thinker or doer, it doesn’t matter. They organize activities like corridor bowling, theme parties, scavenger hunts, pub quizes and a bbq to finish the academic year in a perfect way. As long as there is beer available, you never know what to expect from the aXie!

Current committee members:
Robert Aanen – Chairman
Sam Buisman – Treasurer
Cecile Ikink – Secretaris
Reinout Wiltenburg
Eline Ranshuysen
Thom Schmidt
Wietse Cronenburg
Thamar Zeinstra
Raidun Schott
Mr Lemco – Mascotte