Information activities

Genius Loci has various ways to promote their study and provide study information. For example, Walk along days are organized, Genius Loci attends Open Days of Wageningen University and Genius Loci organizes AID Studydays for new Bachelor and Master students.

Walk along days
Genius Loci organizes in cooperation with the programme board Walk along days. On this day you can have a look of what it is like to be a student in Wageningen and how our study presents itself. You will get a small guestlecture of you visit a real lecture of the first – or secondyear students. There will also be a practicum in which you can train yourself the basic skills of landscape architecture and spatial planning.
Next to this we will show you the campus and you will see where you will be studying during your study. We will also show you the studentlife in Wageningen, so that will give you an overal impression of being a student here.

You want to have a walk along day with us? Have a look on this part of the WUR-website and subscribe for it!

Individual walk along day
Do you have more questions or do you just want to walk along for a day with a student? Ask for a 1-on-1 walk along day and you will see how the reality is of being a student in Wageningen. You will walk along with a first- or secondyear bachelorstudent who can help you with you choise of study. He or she can answer all your questions, so it might be helpfull for you. Interested? Subscribe here!