When you think about a nice committee of Genius, the Presscie (magazine committee) comes to mind first. Every college period they have a brainstorm with a (few) beer(s) in cafe de Zaaier about a new topic for the Huchtgerucht. Because that is what they do; producing the study association magazine, that every college period can be found on the doormat of the members. It contains all kinds of articles on student life in Wageningen, activities of Genius Loci, landscape architecture and spatial planning as a study and in general, and of course a good deal of nonsense. In addition, the Promotcie is also responsible for the Hucht-item, that is given to the Genius Loci members every year. The Hucht-item is every year something else, such as a beer mug and Genius watering can.

Current committee members:
Merel Scheltinga – Chairman
Mirjam Groesbeek
Jerom Marseille
Julia Passchier
Laura Kragten
Stephanie Pelgrum
Carlo van Opstal
Anne van Hamburg
Stijn Peeters