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Board 69

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Maren Frederikze

Carien de Wildt

Hilde van 't Westende Meeder

Noor de Haan




Commissioner of Internal Affairs

The president is the face of the board and the association. They also make sure board meetings are conducted in an orderly fashion, board members know what to do and that the board functions as it should.

The secretary does the menial tasks required for the board to function. This includes taking minutes, sending and organizing e-mails and updating the board's calander. After half a year the secretary will become the chair.

The treasurer is concerned with all financial business of the association. They keep track of all incomes and expenses. From paying for drinks to making the yearly budget, the treasurer is involved.

The commissioner of internal affairs is the link between the members of the association and the board. They make sure committees are filled and functioning and keep all members updated about activities and more.

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