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Spatial Planning

Landscape Architecture

Welcome to the website of Genius Loci! Founded by students of the study Landscape Architecture & Spatial Planning in 1990 in Wageningen, we are run by and for the students of our study. Our activities include social drinks, parties, to more career-related activities like lunch lectures, excursions and the yearly Career Event! 

On this website you can find more information about our association. Have a look at our amazing committees, sign up for upcoming activities, look for photos from activities, buy study books and much more. Follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn to keep up to date with the study, and don't hesitate to come by our hok in Forum in room 105.




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Study books

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Drawing supplies

Here you can find the drawing supplies you can buy in the hok


Here you can find an overview of vacancies and internships

Tip! You can find the password for the 'My Genius' page in the weekly mail!

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Our history

Our study association was founded on the 31st of May, 1990, by a group of students of the study association of Landscape Architecture and Spatial Design at Wageningen University. We were named after the famous concept of 'Genius Loci', which means the 'spirit of the place'. It is a concept which is used when designing a new landscape, by building upon the distinctive atmosphere which is, and was, present in the project area.

The study

Genius Loci is the study association of both the bachelor Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning (BLP) and the master Landscape Architecture and Planning (MLP). By learning about various theoretical courses related to the landscape, like ecology, geology, soil and water, you can justify your later studio courses where you work on your own project. Click on the button below to learn more about the study, and see if it is something for you!

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Upcoming activities

Throughout the academic year, the study association, together with her committees, organises many fun, interesting and educational activities. You can find the upcoming activities below. On Instagram (above) you can find more information about the activitities!

No events at the moment
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Board 69


As board 69 we are excited to organise many lunch lectures, excursions, workshops, parties and much more, together with our committees and partners. We hope to see you all there!

Meet the board:


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Internship and job opportunities from our partners:

Messages from our partners:

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